RFP - RFQ Review

We can do a thorough review of the RFP, RFQ, or other bid specifications and prepare a detailed checklist of everything you’ll need to include. This is a great choice for businesses with the confidence to be a do-it-yourselfer. We can get you started in the right direction. Read more

Bid Preparation

Here, we do it all. We meet with you, either in person or via telephone or teleconference. We prepare a checklist of information to be compiled and go through it with you. This can include pictures, financial documents, maps, graphs, product sheets, licenses, references, and many other things. We write the proposal and get it you with plenty of time for you to give it a thorough review. We edit and refine the response. We check to make sure all the required information has been included. We package it up with as many copies as are needed in the format required. (Hard copies, CDs/DVDs, or even USB thumb drives.) All you have to do is sign it and deliver it. (We can even arrange delivery prior to the bid deadline, you like.) Read more

Bid Review / Edit

You prepare your own bid response, but you want a set of experienced eyes to look it over, just to make sure that it includes everything it should. We can do that.

We’ll compare your bid to the bid specifications and determine if you’re missing anything that might get you disqualified or will hurt your chances during the scoring by the evaluation committee. We can edit your bid so that it is clearer and more concise. And we can suggest ways to streamline it and make it more engaging. Most importantly, we can also make sure that your proposal can survive a bid protest by one of your competitors. Read more


We can do it all for you.

Or just as much as you want.

Or just as much as you need.

Bid Protests

Getting the notice of intent to award isn't the last step in the bid award process. One of your competitors can file a bid protest and hold everything up. Or maybe the evaluation process fairly penalized you and you need to file a protest. Either way, we can help. Read more