Bid Preparation

Working closely with you, we can prepare your bid submission. You have a story to tell. It’s the story of why your business should be ranked higher than all of the other bidders.  We can help you tell that story.

Our bid submissions leave nothing to chance. We meticulously follow the outline of the bid document, making sure that the evaluators will never have to hunt for information. Everything will be laid out clearly and concisely, written in a style to match the RFP.

We recently assisted a client in preparing a bid response for an $8 million Road Ranger contract in Palm Beach County, Florida. The Road Rangers is a State of Florida initiative where private tow companies provide patrols along Interstate 95 on a 24 hour a day/365 day per year basis. The program goal is to clear stranded cars and accident scenes in minutes and get the traffic moving again. We’ve worked with this client on a number of successful bids over the past decade.  You can click the RFP to the right to see the requirements put out by the State of Florida.

The red and yellow cover to the right is the RFP submission we prepared that was filed with the State of Florida’s Department of Transportation. Our client, Anchor Towing and Marine Transport of Broward, Inc., received the highest score, 97 out of 100 possible points on the RFP submission, a nearly perfect score. Although Anchor Towing was not the lowest bidder by price, its lead of almost 7 points on the technical response allowed them to win the contract. You can downland a copy of the proposal and read it for yourself. (The file is 56 MB, so it may take some time.) You can even download a copy of the score sheet filled in by the evaluation committee and see how they did on their technical score and price points.

Can we guarantee you’ll get the same nearly perfect score? No.

But we can guarantee you that your bid will be assembled and written to put your company in the best light possible. Every criteria will be met. Every potential question an evaluator may have will be answered.

Contact us so we can get started on your bid response today.


Here's A Recent Bid

We recently wrote the winning proposal for a client who was bidding on an $8 million State of Florida contract. Here's the bid proposal, the RFP, and the score sheet.


Bid Proposal

Score Sheet